Springwell vs Aquasana Filters Complete Comparison

aquasana and springwell whole house water filter

What Are They?

Springwell and Aquasana are two of the most popular water filter brands that have made a name for themselves in the market.

When comparing these two systems, it’s important to consider the size, cost, filter life, contaminants removed, and effectiveness in order to make an informed decision. These brands offer great solutions when it comes to water purification and filtration, allowing you to find the best option that meets your specific needs.


Springwell is a water filtration company specializing in providing safe, clean drinking water solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Founded in 2018, the company established its name in the industry by offering a variety of products that include whole house and reverse osmosis systems.

This brand also provides commercial water filtration solutions for food services operations, hotels, and schools. With their advanced technologies and high-quality filters, Springwell can remove 99% of dissolved solids from your tap water to provide you with clean and healthy drinking water every day.


Aquasana is a leading water filtration company that specializes in providing high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to purify contaminated water for both residential and commercial settings. Founded in 1998, the company has since developed a wide range of innovative products that are designed to reduce harmful contaminants in drinking water while preserving vital minerals.

Aquasana offers comprehensive solutions to give customers clean, healthy water without leaving an environmental footprint using advanced filtration technologies such as carbon-based media.

Feature Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Springwell Whole House Water Filter System
Sediment Pre-Filter 3 months 6-9 months
Capacity 1,000,000 gallons 1,000,000 gallons
Filtration Stage 3-stages 4-stages
Installation Requires professional help Requires professional help
Flow Rate 7 GPM 9 GPM

Pros & Cons

Water filters are becoming increasingly popular to ensure your drinking water is clean and contaminant-free. Two of the leading water filter brands on the market are Springwell and Aquasana, and both filters have advantages and disadvantages.


Springwell water filters are a great choice for those looking for an effective and safe way to filter their drinking water. It offers a wide selection of filters, each with its own unique benefits. Its filters are durable and have built-in carbon filters to remove impurities from the water. This makes it safe to use as it eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, and sediments from entering the body.

The biggest issue with the filter is that you need to replace the cartridge regularly depending on how oftern you use it. It can be costly to keep replacing the cartridges, so this means you must keep track of when it needs to be changed and make sure you purchase a replacement in time. Additionally, if not replaced regularly, this could cause bacteria or other contaminants to build up in your drinking water over time, leading to health risks.


Aquasana water filters are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages. Their filters are known for their superior performance, effectiveness, and affordability – making them a great choice for anyone looking to purify their drinking water.

This brand is a great choice for any household looking to improve the quality of their drinking water with it’s ease of installation requiring no plumbing works. Furthermore, Aquasana water filters remove chlorine taste and odor from your tap water while also being certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). You are assured that your family will have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Aquasana water filters are undeniably popular amongst households, however, one of the most notable cons of these brand is that their filters can’t be used in two places at the same time. This can be inconvenient to those who want to use the same filter in two different locations. This limitation can be an issue if you have multiple sinks or showers that require filtered water.

Hard Water Treatment & Removal of Impure Particles

Hard water is a major problem in many households. It can cause unwanted mineral deposits, which can clog pipes, reduce the efficiency of appliances, and affect the taste of drinking water. In order to remove these impurities from hard water, many people turn to solutions such as Springwell and Aquasana water filter for hard water treatment and removal of impure particles.

Both systems work by using carbon-based filtration to remove contaminants from the water. Still, there are differences between them that should be taken into consideration when choosing a system for your home.


Hard water is a major problem in many areas, and the effects of hard water can be damaging to your plumbing, appliances, and water heaters. Springwell has developed a range of water filters that are designed to remove impure particles from the water supply and provide protection from hard minerals.

Springwell water filter is a revolutionary technology that helps reduce impure particles in hard water and makes it safe for consumption. The filter helps improve the water’s taste by removing unpleasant odors caused by multiple contaminants such as chlorine and lead. By using the Springwell water filter, you can be sure that you are drinking pure and safe water that has been tested against stringent standards set by NSF International.


The Aquasana water filter is designed to improve the quality of your drinking water by removing impurities and hard minerals. This filter protects your plumbing, appliances, and water heater from hard minerals, making it an ideal option for those who want to ensure their drinking water is safe and pure.

Aquasana water filter uses advanced technology to provide clean and pure drinking water. This water filter eliminates 97% of chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and industrial solvents, just like Springwell does. As a result, it provides safe and healthy drinking water that is free from impurities. The hard water treatment process ensures that only the desired minerals are left in the water while all other contaminants are removed.


Many people find installing a water filtration system to be a difficult task. Different systems necessitate different installation techniques, which cost a significant amount of time and energy. With the two most popular water filtration systems, Springwell and Aquasana, there are several differences between the two when it comes to installation requirements.


Installing a Springwell water filtration system is a great way to ensure that your family has access to clean and safe drinking water. However, it can be a complex process and requires some plumbing knowledge. It will help if you only attempt to install the system yourself if you have the necessary skills, in which case you will need some plumbing knowledge in order to complete the installation properly. Otherwise, you may have to hire a qualified, experienced professional plumber to install these systems.


Installing an Aquasana water filter system in your home or business is a great way to enjoy clean, delicious drinking water every day. To ensure the installation is done properly, hiring a qualified plumber who can install the system correctly is important. The plumber will be able to advise you on which type of filter system will best suit your needs and ensure that it gets installed safely and securely. With their help, you can be sure that your Aquasana water filter system will be up and running in no time.

How It Works & Design

Springwell and Aquasana are two brands of water filter systems that are designed to provide clean, safe drinking water for households and businesses. They both use a combination of mechanical and chemical filtration techniques to remove contaminants from the water.

The design of the two filtration systems is similar, but there are some key differences. Each system has been designed with an easy-to-use control panel so that users can monitor their filter performance at any time.

Both brands offer a wide selection of products with different filter types, capacities, and optional features that allow customers to customize their system according to their specific needs. With the help of these advanced filtration systems, you can be sure that your family is getting clean, safe drinking water.


The Springwell Water Filter is designed to provide clean and healthy water. It works by using a multi-stage system that involves various stages of filtration. This ensures that only the cleanest and contaminant-free water reaches your tap. The filter includes a sediment filter, mineral filter, carbon filter, and UV purification to provide the highest quality of water.

The filter eliminates contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, and more from the water through these various stages. In addition to this, it also removes any foul odors and tastes from your tap water for a much better drinking experience. The filtration process is designed to be as efficient as possible so you can enjoy clean filtered water in no time.


Aquasana water filters are designed to provide clean, safe drinking water by removing contaminants from tap water. The filter system consists of a combination of carbon, sediment, and KDF filters that remove chlorine, VOCs, lead, and other harmful substances from the water supply. The design is simple yet effective.

The filter works by passing contaminated tap water through these different filter stages to reduce or eliminate contaminants and leave you with safe drinking water. The design also ensures that the filtration process takes place quickly so you can enjoy clean, great-tasting drinking water anytime.

Is Filter Size a Factor?

It’s important to consider the filter size of Aquasana and Springwell when choosing because it affects the system’s performance and efficiency. The larger the filter, the more water can pass through in one go, and the bigger the filter, the more efficient it will be in filtering out impurities and providing clean drinking water. Therefore, when comparing these two systems, it is important to take filter size into account in order to make an informed decision.


For many people looking for a quality water filtration system, the performance of Aquasana and Springwell can be a difficult comparison. This is because both systems offer top-notch purification and filtration levels at an affordable price. In order to make the best decision, it’s important to compare the features and performance of each system in order to determine which one is right for you.


Springwell is a ground-breaking water-filtering device with unrivaled performance. It is one of the most innovative and efficient systems on the market, with a patented design that removes up to 99% of pollutants and toxins from water.

Not only does Springwell provide clean and safe drinking water, but its performance has also been rated highly by independent researchers. This advanced filtration system outperforms other products in its class, from its powerful filters and effective contaminant removal process to its energy-efficient operation and easy maintenance. With the help of Springwell, households can enjoy pure, refreshing, healthy drinking water at all times.


The performance of Aquasana has been widely tested in the United States and abroad with positive results. The company boasts of providing better-tasting drinking water that is free from chemicals, contaminants, and microorganisms.

Additionally, this filtration system can reduce up to 99% of 67 different types of contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, and more. Thus it ensures that your family gets access to safe drinking water at all times.

Filtration Stages

Springwell and Aquasana are two of the most popular water filtration systems on the market. Their filtration technology is designed to ensure that you get clean and safe drinking water. Both systems use a multi-stage filtration process that removes harmful contaminants while preserving the essential minerals in your water.


Springwell has developed an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective four-stage filtration system. This filtration system includes A KDF media, a catalytic carbon filter, filter housing, and a 5-micron sediment filter. Each component is essential for providing the cleanest water possible to your home or business.

The KDF media helps remove heavy metals and other contaminants for healthy drinking water. The catalytic carbon filter removes chlorine, odors, and other unpleasant tastes from the water.

The filter housing provides protection against dirt and other matter that can clog up the filters over time. Finally, the 5-micron sediment filter traps particles larger than five microns in size to ensure that only clean water passes through the system.


Aquasana is an advanced water filtration system that ensures clean and safe drinking water. It is designed to effectively remove potentially harmful contaminants from the water, leaving you with only healthy, filtered water. The system has three distinct stages of filtration: a pre-filter, a copper-zinc and activated carbon filter, and a post-filter.

The pre-filter removes large particles like sediment and rust from the water, while the copper-zinc & activated carbon filter further purifies it by filtering out chlorine as well as other chemical contaminants such as heavy metals, VOCs, and pharmaceuticals. Finally, the post-filter polishes the water to make sure it is free of any remaining impurities. This three-stage filtration process removes all contaminants from the water before it reaches your tap.


Springwell and Aquasana water filters are two of the most widely used water filtering systems on the market. They are both intended to supply households with safe and healthful drinking water. To ensure that the filters continue to operate effectively, it is important to maintain them regularly.


Maintaining a Springwell water filter is critical for its longevity and efficient functioning. For effective filtration, it is important to follow the guidelines and recommendations from the manufacturer. Springwell’s salt-based water filters are known to require high maintenance costs due to their reliance on salt-based systems.

Water salt levels must be monitored and adjusted as needed, and filter cartridges must be changed on a regular basis. It is also critical to inspect the system for any obstructions or leaks that may impair its performance. You may prolong the life of your Springwell water filter and keep getting pure water from it if you follow these instructions.


Aquasana water filters are designed for easy replacement and maintenance. Proper maintenance of your Aquasana water filter will ensure that it will continue to provide clean, safe, and great-tasting drinking water.

To make sure the filter cartridges are functioning properly, they should be checked on a regular basis. Maintaining your Aquasana water filter by regularly replacing the cartridges is the best way to keep getting pure water from your tap. Additionally, regular cleaning of the unit helps prevent the build-up of minerals or bacteria in the system.

Lifespan of Filters & Replacement

A filter’s lifespan varies based on its kind, quality, and capacity, but it is always an important aspect of any water purification system. Springwell and Aquasana filters are two popular brands for water filtration systems. Although these brands guarantee a certain lifespan for their filters, it is important to replace them in order to maintain optimal performance regularly.


The lifespan of filters and replacement of springwell systems can depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors are based on filter type, frequency of use, water contamination levels, and filter cartridge type.

Springwell filters have a rated life of up to 1,000,000 gallons and should be replaced every 6-9 months or when they reach the end of their lifespan.

It is important to understand how to identify when it is time for replacement, as well as what type of filter should be used in order to maintain optimal water quality. Additionally, it is also important to consider how often the filter needs to be changed in order for it to perform effectively for the desired period of time.


Aquasana filters are known for their long lifespan and are often used in homes, businesses, and industrial applications. The filters can last up to 1,000,000 gallons of purified water before needing to be replaced. It’s important to remember that even though these filters have a long life expectancy, there are still certain situations where you may need to replace them sooner than expected.

This could include changes in the water quality or an increase in sediment or chlorine levels in the source water. When this occurs, it’s important to know when it’s time to replace your Aquasana filter and what steps you should take when replacing it.

Customer Feedback & Shopping Experience

Understanding customer feedback and the shopping experience for Springwell and Aquasana filters is essential for companies to improve their products and services.

Customer feedback provides valuable insight into how customers interact with a product, while the shopping experience gives companies an idea of what customers find most important when deciding on a purchase. Let’s analyze the customer feedback and shopping experiences of both the Springwell and Aquasana filters to understand what sets them apart from each other.


Springwell water filter offers an enhanced shopping experience for its customers. With a 6-month money-back promise and free delivery, customers can rest assured that their purchase is secure. All orders are shipped within a day of purchase, ensuring customer satisfaction is met as quickly as possible.

Not only does Springwell provide customers with the best quality water filtration systems, but they also offer customer support and an installation guide to ensure the customer’s questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

The customer feedback and shopping experience for the Springwell water filter highlight its reliable functioning, as evidenced by the majority of reviewers who have used it for at least six months.

With these features, Springwell guarantees the highest level of customer service and satisfaction that can be found in any home water filtration system available today.


Aquasana water filters provide customers with a safe and secure way to get clean drinking water. They are designed to be long-lasting and easy to install so that customers can enjoy the product for up to 10 years for 100,000-gallon systems.

Aquasana also provides customers peace of mind by offering them a 90-day trial period and a customer support line from Monday to Friday. They also provide coverage for any defects on correctly installed filter tanks. This gives customers assurance that their purchase is backed by reliable customer service.

Customer feedback and shopping experience with Aquasana are highly positive. Consumers have praised its effectiveness in removing impurities and restoring their water’s acidity levels. Some customers said they need to periodically change the pre-filter media to maintain the desired flow rate.

Overall, Aquasana’s customer feedback and shopping experience ensures that its customers get the highest quality products with superior customer service from start to finish.


By comparing Springwell and Aquasana features, performance, cost, and customer reviews, it is possible to determine which option is better for a given situation. Both offer outstanding performance and are quite reliable for water filtration purposes. However, Springwell offers better value for money as it offers more features at a lower price point than Aquasana.

Therefore, if you are looking for a top-quality water filter that can provide clean and healthy drinking water at an affordable rate, then consider investing in the Springwell filter.

Are Aquasana Filters Good For Hard Water?

Aquasana Filters are a popular choice for many households as they provide an efficient and cost-effective method for filtering hard water. This is important as hard water can have a number of negative effects on your health and home appliances. Aquasana Filters are designed to remove contaminants such as chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, and other impurities from your drinking water.

Additionally, they also reduce the amount of scale build-up in your taps or pipes, which can wreak havoc on the efficiency of your plumbing system over time. As such, it’s easy to see why many homeowners choose to invest in an Aquasana Filter to help protect their health and property against the damaging effects of hard water.

Does Springwell Have NSF Certification?

Springwell is a trusted name when it comes to water filtration systems. They take pride in their lead-removal water filter systems being certified to NSF-ANSI Standards 53 and P473, providing customers with the utmost confidence in their products.

This certification ensures that the filter systems are effective in reducing contaminants and hazardous substances from drinking water, providing customers with safe, clean, and healthy drinking water.

Is Aquasana Based In America?

Aquasana is an Austin, Texas-based company that specializes in water filtration systems. Their water filtration systems are designed and engineered in the United States and assembled with pride in the USA.

The company takes great pride in offering safe, effective, and affordable solutions to customers across the country. Aquasana is dedicated to providing clean drinking water for all Americans, and its mission is to make clean, healthy water accessible to everyone.