Pelican vs Aquasana Brand Comparison – Which One To Choose?

pelican and aquasana whole house water filter

What Are They?

Pelican and Aquasana are two leading water filtration brands that promise to provide their customers with clean and safe drinking water. Aquasana is a Texas-based company founded in 1997 that manufactures water filtration products that meet NSF International standards for safety and performance.

In contrast, Pelican was established in 2007 as a Florida-based water filtration company that specializes in both salt-free water softening systems and whole-house water filters. They are both well-known brands, but they have many differences in terms of the capabilities they offer, the prices they set, the quality of service they provide, and other aspects.


Pelican is an innovative brand providing high-quality water filtration solutions to residential and commercial customers. They have developed a range of products using advanced filtration technology to remove harmful contaminants from water while preserving its natural taste and composition.

The Pelican brand is renowned for its quality, affordability, and convenience when it comes to providing clean drinking water. Whether you’re looking for a simple filter for your home or a large-scale system for your business, the pelican has everything you need.


Aquasana is a leading water filtration brand dedicated to providing clean, great-tasting drinking water for everyone. Aquasana’s mission is to make clean drinking water accessible and affordable for all.

They use cutting-edge technology to filter out contaminants from your drinking water so that you can enjoy clean, pure, great-tasting water without the worry of potential health risks associated with contaminated tap water. Aquasana offers a wide range of products that are designed to suit any filtration needs, from countertop filters to whole-house systems.

Feature Pelican Premium Whole House Water Filter System Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter System
NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 61 42
Sediment Pre-Filter Life 6-9 months 3 months
Capacity 1,000,000 gallons 1,000,000 gallons
Filtration Stage 4 stages 4 stages
Flow Rate Up to 12 GPM 7 GPM
Installation Easy Requires professional
Warranty 12 years 10 years

Pros & Cons

Both the Pelican and the Aquasana water filter systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Both of these filter types can be used to efficiently enhance water quality for human consumption, but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.


Pelican water filters are considered one of the most reliable water filters on the market due to their simple installation and proven effectiveness. The filters come with an NSF-certified technology which ensures that they offer superior filtration quality, eliminating contaminants from your drinking water. Pelican filters are affordable and offer great value for money, making them an ideal choice for households and businesses.

Pelican water filters are a popular choice for filtering water, but there are some cons associated with this type of filter. While it does remove many contaminants from the water, it does not remove as many as the Aquasana filter.

Additionally, Pelican filters do not filter out fluoride from the water, which can be detrimental to your health if consumed in high doses. Moreover, they also use plastic fittings, which can be prone to damage and leakage over time.


The Aquasana water filter is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a reliable and efficient filtration system. It is NSF/ANSI certified and has a limited lifetime warranty, providing great value for your money.

With the Aquasana water filter, you can rest assured that all the contaminants in your drinking water will be removed thanks to its advanced multi-stage filtration process. It removes over 70 contaminants, including chlorine, lead, mercury, and other common pollutants. By using the Aquasana water filter, you can enjoy clean and healthy drinking water at all times.

One of the main cons of using an Aquasana water filter is that it doesn’t remove fluoride from your tap water. This can be a problem if you live in an area with high levels of fluoride in tap water, as it can lead to long-term health problems if consumed over long periods of time.

Additionally, the lifespan of Aquasana filters isn’t the best compared to other brands on the market. They require frequent replacement, which can add up to additional costs over time. Furthermore, Aquasana filters are known to reduce water flow significantly once they start clogging up, which means you will get less filtered drinking water than you would with other filters.

Hard Water Treatment & Removal of Impure Particles

Hard water is a common problem, affecting many households and businesses worldwide. The impure particles in hard water can cause serious problems with plumbing systems, reducing the lifetime of appliances and increasing energy costs.

Fortunately, many hard water treatment solutions are available to help remove impurities from your water supply. From aquasana and pelican water filters to other water filter systems, these solutions can be effective in removing harmful contaminants from your drinking water. In addition to ensuring that water is safe to drink, these processes also prevent other plumbing components from being harmed by hard particles.


Hard water is a one of the most common problem and can cause many issues if not treated properly. Pelican offers an effective solution to this problem with their hard water treatment & removal of impure particles process. Utilizing advanced technology and filtration systems.

The Pelican system can remove sediment, chlorine, organic compounds and trace heavy metals from the source water. As a result, users can enjoy clean, safe drinking water that tastes better than ever before.

Additionally, the system helps protect plumbing fixtures from mineral deposits and scale buildup. With Pelican’s hard water treatment & removal of impure particles process in place, users can maintain their piping systems while enjoying crystal-clear drinking water at all times.


Aquasana is a water filtration technology that helps treat hard water and remove impure particles. It helps to decrease more lead, destroy up to 99.99 percent of disease-causing contaminants, and make the water look, taste, and smell better.

Aquasana uses advanced filter media that works by absorbing contaminants such as chlorine and other chemicals while leaving beneficial minerals like calcium in the water. This filter also traps sediments like dirt and rust, which helps reduce scaling on surfaces such as pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

By using Aquasana’s hard water treatment system, you can be sure that your family will get pure drinking water every single time they turn on the tap. This is because the filters are very effective in removing harmful contaminants from the water while retaining beneficial minerals so that you always get clean drinking water with no impurities.


Installing a water filter can be an important part of ensuring that your drinking water is safe and free from contaminants. Pelican and Aquasana are two of the leading brands in the market when it comes to water filtration systems. Installing one of these systems in your home or business can help you access clean, purified, and safe drinking water.


Installing a Pelican water filter is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure your family can access clean, healthy drinking water. This type of water filter is easy to install, even for someone with basic plumbing skills. In just a few steps, you can have a pelican water filter up and running in no time.


Installing an Aquasana water filter is not something you can do by yourself. The installation process requires knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and other related systems. As such, it’s important to hire a professional to ensure that the installation is properly done to guarantee your and your family’s safety.

Aquasana water filters are designed to provide clean, safe, and pure drinking water for homes. This is why proper installation is essential in order for them to work correctly and efficiently. With the help of a professional installer, you can be sure that your Aquasana water filter will provide many years of great-tasting and healthy drinking water for your family.

How It Works & Design

Aquasana and Pelican are two companies that specialize in water filtration systems. Their designs offer unique solutions for filtering water and removing contaminants for a healthier lifestyle.

Both brands feature innovative technologies and processes that make them stand out from the competition. From the high-quality components of their systems to the easy installation process, Aquasana and Pelican make sure their customers get top-notch products that deliver effective results.


Pelican is a water filtration system that works through adsorption, the process by which suspended chemicals and contaminants are removed from the water. Adsorption occurs when negative charges in the contaminants pull them towards the pelican’s positive charge, allowing for the effective removal of impurities from drinking water.

Pelican’s design is unique in that it utilizes a combination of granular activated carbon and bacteriostatic copper-zinc reduction oxidation media to purify drinking water effectively. The granular activated carbon helps remove chlorine, chloramines, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other volatile organic compounds and filters out heavy metals like lead and mercury as well as bacteria and viruses. This makes it a simple yet effective solution for providing safe drinking water for homes or businesses.


Aquasana is an ingenious system that provides clean, filtered water for the entire home. The system is a terrific choice for people who need a trustworthy way to meet their water consumption requirements because of its cutting-edge and comprehensive design.

The process begins with a pre-filter that helps remove sediment and other debris from your water source before it enters the Aquasana filter. This is followed by their patented Rhino filtration technology, which uses multiple stages of advanced carbon filters and ion exchange media to reduce more than 70 contaminants from your drinking water. Finally, the post-filter removes any remaining particles so you can enjoy clean, great-tasting drinking water that is free from impurities.

Is Filter Size a Factor?

The size of the filter is an important factor to consider when choosing between Aquasana and Pelican water filtration systems. Both companies offer well-designed filters that are specifically tailored to meet your water flow rate requirements. To ensure that you get the best performance, it’s important to select a filter size that matches the amount of water you need to treat.

When selecting between Aquasana and Pelican, it is essential to understand how to filter size affects both filtration systems’ performance. Not only can it determine how quickly your water is filtered, but it can also affect the amount of filtering power each system has. It’s important to select a filter size appropriate for your needs in order for you to get the most out of your filtration system.


Aquasana and Pelican are two leading water filtration systems that provide clean and healthy drinking water. They both use advanced technology to remove impurities from the water, making it safe for consumption.

Both companies have seen a surge in popularity due to their impressive performance. Aquasana is known for its superior filtration capabilities, while Pelican is renowned for its long-lasting filter cartridges and easy maintenance. Both of these features make them an attractive choice for those looking to get clean and healthy drinking water without having to worry about frequent replacements or expensive repairs.


Pelican is a top-performing water filtration system that is NSF certified to Standard 42 for chlorine removal and Standard 61 for material safety. It also removes heavy metals from the water, making it safe for drinking and other uses. Moreover, Pelican has an average flow rate of 8 GPM with a peak flow rate of 12 GPM, which is enough to meet the needs of households with medium to large water usage. With this high-performance filtration system, you can be sure that your drinking water is free from chlorine and other pollutants.


The system has earned NSF certification for chlorine removal, and its capacity is 1 million gallons under normal conditions. It also has a flow rate of up to 7 GPM, making it ideal for large households or businesses that require high-volume filtration and purification. Not only does it filter drinking water, but it can also act as a purifier and descaler to remove more contaminants than just chlorine. With its advanced features, Aquasana is an excellent choice for those who want clean, safe drinking water at home or in the office.

Filtration Stages

Water filtration systems have become an essential part of everyday life, ensuring water quality and safety. Aquasana and Pelican are two popular brands that offer a variety of filtration stages for consumers to choose from. When deciding between Aquasana or Pelican for your water filtration needs, it’s important to understand each brand’s different stages of filtration.


Pelican’s Media Guard filtration system is an advanced technology that helps ensure the highest quality drinking water. It is composed of four stages, starting with a 5-micron pre-filter system that acts as a mechanical filter by trapping large particles and sediment. This is followed by two stages of Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon media (GAC) to remove impurities, unpleasant tastes, odors, and chlorine from the water.

The fourth stage utilizes Pelican Media Guard to reduce heavy metals such as lead, bacteria, algae, and mercury from entering your home’s drinking water supply. With its powerful combination of multiple filtration stages, the Pelican Media Guard offers superior protection against contaminants that could potentially cause harm to your health.


Aquasana filtration systems provide clean and safe drinking water for hundreds of thousands of households worldwide. The filtration stages of Aquasana are designed to rid your drinking water of harmful chemicals, toxins, and pollutants. These include sediment pre-filters, copper-zinc-mineral removal filters, activated carbon filters, and sub-micron post-filters.

The first stage is the sediment pre-filter which captures large particles such as dirt, rust, and other debris. The second stage is a copper-zinc-mineral removal filter which helps reduce heavy metals and other contaminants commonly found in tap water. The third stage is an activated carbon filter which removes chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines, and VOCs that cause foul smells or tastes in drinking water. Finally, the fourth stage is a sub-micron post-filter which further reduces any remaining impurities from the water before it reaches your tap.


Choosing a water filter system is an important decision, and one of the most significant factors in determining which filter to purchase is maintenance. Aquasana and Pelican are two of the most popular water filtration systems on the market. Prior to making a purchase, it is crucial to gain an awareness of the distinctions between them in terms of upkeep.


Pelican is an eco-friendly water filter that provides you with clean, filtered water in an efficient and low-maintenance way. To ensure your machine runs optimally, replacing the pre-filter every 6-9 months and the carbon filter every 5 years is recommended. This will help prevent clogs due to organic matter buildup and keep your filter running smoothly for a long time.

Pelican’s easy maintenance system ensures that you can use your machine without worrying about regular upkeep or repairs. With its efficient filters, you can enjoy clean, healthy water without worrying about frequent maintenance checks. So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to get clean drinking water at home, Pelican is a perfect choice!


Aquasana is a water filter system that helps people to get clean and safe drinking water. It has been designed to be low maintenance, requiring only a filter replacement every 6 months. This makes it easy for users to clean and maintain their Aquasana system without having any prior knowledge about the product or having to engage professional help.

The filter replacement process is straightforward and can be done in just a few minutes. This makes the maintenance process efficient and helps ensure that your Aquasana system remains in prime condition at all times.

Lifespan of Filters & Replacement

The lifespan of filters is an important factor for anyone interested in having a clean and healthy water supply. Knowing when to replace your filter is important, especially if you are using Pelican or Aquasana. Knowing the lifespan of filters and when to replace them will help ensure that your water filtration system works efficiently and effectively.

The filter’s lifespan depends on the filter technology and overall filtration capacity. For example, fluoride filters have a shorter lifespan than those without fluoride (such as reverse osmosis) due to their use of additives that are not found in natural water sources. The lifespan of filters is also difficult to determine since it is subject to factors such as maintenance, incorrect installation, and long-term usage. It can be estimated, however, by how long the filter can provide clean and safe drinking water in terms of years.


Pelican filters are often regarded as some of the longest-lasting options available to homeowners. It has a filter that can clean 600,000 gallons of water for about $800, but you’ll need to replace it after 5 years. Meanwhile, prefilters need to be changed every 6-9 months.

However, when deciding on a filter replacement, it’s important to consider more than cost and longevity. It’s important to look into other factors, such as water pressure and flow rate, when selecting your ideal filtration system. By making sure you factor in all these considerations when replacing your filter, you can be sure your new system will serve you for many years!


When it comes to water filters and replacement, Aquasana is a reliable choice. Their filters promise to last for years and can be used in any water source. The Aquasana 6,000 gallons filter costs around $650 and lasts for up to 6 years, while their 1,000,000 gallons filter costs around $800 and lasts for 10 years. This makes them an affordable option for those looking for long-term filtration solutions.

However, even the best filters need to be replaced over time as their efficiency reduces due to sediment buildup or other wear and tear factors. Whether you have an Aquasana filter or not, it is important to keep track of its lifespan so that you can replace it before its effectiveness decreases significantly.

The pre-filters are designed to last up to 3 months, while the post-filters have an average lifespan of 6 months. This means you need to replace your filters regularly to ensure that your water is safe for drinking and other uses.

Customer Feedback & Shopping Experience

One of the more important decisions customers face when purchasing a water filtration system is deciding between Aquasana and Pelican. To help make this decision easier, looking at customer feedback and the shopping experience for both brands is beneficial.

By doing this, it will be possible to compare their quality, price points, and ease of use in order to determine which best meets the customer’s needs. In addition to looking at customer feedback, examining the overall shopping experience for both brands will also provide insight into which one provides the best value for money.


Pelican is committed to providing its customers with the best shopping experience and customer feedback. Its 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days, coupled with its 4.6 out of 5 rating in customer satisfaction, has made Pelican a trusted name in water filtration. Customers feel confident about their purchase and are sure that they will get value for their money.

The Pelican team also works hard to ensure that customers have an enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish. From detailed product descriptions and online support to impeccable customer service, it’s easy for shoppers to find what they need and decide which product is right for them. This commitment to excellent customer service has given Pelican a loyal following of satisfied customers who swear by the company’s products and services.


Aquasana is a popular choice among consumers when it comes to water filtration systems. With a 52% customer satisfaction rate, Aquasana stands behind its mission to create products that help people stay hydrated while offering an enjoyable shopping experience.

Customers are happy with the quality of the water produced, however, they’re not so impressed with the installation process and customer service experience. Recent customer feedback suggests that some people have had difficulty installing their system despite explicit instructions. There were also issues with contacting customer services which added to their troubles.

Who Is The Winner?

When it comes to choosing between Aquasana and Pelican for a water filtration system, it can take a lot of work to choose between the two as both companies offer great user experiences, only differing in how they are delivered. Both are great systems that offer great benefits, but when you look closer, you will find that Pelican wins out in some key areas.

With its higher capacity per filter and faster flow rate, it focuses on longevity more than Aquasana does. This means that Pelican will cost less to maintain and replace filters than Aquasana would over time. In the end, this is what makes Pelican the ultimate winner.